What is GFRG
(Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, or GRG for short) is composed of α Gypsum as base material, specific Reinforced fiberglass and several additives. It 's a kind of new material laminated by special process on the mold. It' s white on the surface and free from toxic elements. Any coating can be applied to create excellent finish.

Features of GFRG
GFRG characterizes in high strength, light weight, environmental protection, thinness, will combustible, good flexibility and acoustic performance. Especially the incombustibility makes it the preferred choice of interior decoration materials. It can also regulate the indoor hunidity to achieve a comfortable living environment.

Application of GFRG
has become the preferred interior decoration material due to its unique performance. Its good flexibility and high strength can satisfy the products of any different profiles, large size and sense of reality. It can be shaped into flat panels and various ornamental mould. It is widely used in the high quality interior ceiling. The interior decorations in stations, hotels, conference halls, theaters and other places, widely used GFRG.