What is GFRP
GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic,also named GRP or FRP for short), is a kind of plastic-based composite by organic non-metal and inorganic non-metal material,including base material and enforcement material . As base material,resin is a kind of thermoset plastic, also an organic non-metal material in function of adhesion, including EP and PF, which takes up 65%-70% in weight.Glass fiber, as reinforcement, is inorganic non-metal man-made fiber such as glass fiber and carbon fiber, taking up 30%-35% in weight.

Features of GFRP
has good electrical insulating property and high mechanical strength, the flexural, compressive, tensile strength higher; Strong corrosion resistance, resistance to salt, chemical material, not affected by acid rain, salt and most chemical environmental impact; Plasticity is extremely strong, modelling is easy, thin shell light, splicing lap joint can be resin form whole, construction is convenient. But according to requirements choose corresponding material or additive, making a fire, wear resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to ultraviolet, resistant to strong acid, sound absorbing and other special requirements GFRP products.

Application of GFRP
because of its unique properties, in the aerospace, automotive and rail transit system, yacht ship, sports supplies, household items, environmental sanitation engineering, building materials health bath, medical equipment, chemical industry, the electrical industry and communication engineering, building decoration, landscape and so on dozens of areas to be widely applied.