GRMC is a new type of green and environment-friendlygelled material.It,s made by batching,mixing,molding andcure process with below materials:light burning Magnesium
oxide (MgO) as the main gelled material,Magnesium chloride(MgCl2) solution as the mixing agent, a variety of modifier,filler,reinforced material and paint powder as

Stable raw material sources and reasonable technical formula are the key to guarantee the quality of the GRMC products.Withnearly 10 yeas experience and R&D
practice,technical team of New Stone successfully developed the unique technology formulation 
to solve the product problems such as deformation,crack,dampening.

With strict control of environmental protection policies by government and improvement of public awareness,it’s more and more difficult for pollution industry to survive.
Due to the significant improvement in environmental protection and energy saving,GRMC is more and more widely used special for set scene in theme park and
places where fire protection requirements are extremely high. 
Material for GRMC is affected by many factors.Therefore,formula is notsimply base on weight bus according to mole ratio to calculate the weight of main material.
Elaborative ratio calculation must be controlled from the following:

Light Calcinesia Magnesia--active content is better between 58-65%.Long time storage and moist storage condition will decrease the active content.Active content is the
only basis for batching.

Magnesium Sulphate--When used,pour potable water at room temperature so it will fully dissolve into a solution of suitable concentration; 

Modifier--it is a composit modifier mixed by a variety of materials by the company.According to the product feature and the manufacturing environment,it effectively controls
product properties of structural tightness,stability and anti-decomposition;

Filler--choose the filler according to the product feature.Heavy filler includes quartz powder,silica fume and coal ash.Those with active content of SiO2,Al2O3 is preferred.
Control the powder fineness between 180-250 mesh.Light filler is sawdust,perlite,ceramic grain which can lighter the weight.

Reinforcing Material--according to product thickness and area,reinforcing material can be polypropylene fiber and chopped glass fiber.Appropriate structural
reinforcement rib can also be added according to the design.

Powder Pigment--Powder Pigment can effectively change the surface color of the product.It must have no side effects to the main material,which shall be easy to
disperse and is durable color.