New Stone Construction Materials Co., Ltd is a company specialized in the design development,  production, installation and project management of all sorts of  GFRC(GRC),  GFRP(GRP or FRP), GFRG(GRG),GRMC(MRC),TCP and  UHPC products, our teams are composed of specialists from  the field and we are developing ourselves to be the leader in the  industry.

New Stone team has  over 15 years of experiences and to be one of the first professionals in  contracting and management works under the international standard in China.  Successfully completed many projects in overseas including Hong Kong & Japan  Theme Park Hotel and Macau Venetian Hotel etc. Thanks to the instruction and  assistance from many well known experts from overseas, we have accumulated  valuable experiences in the high standard of project management and technical  development in the industry. We adopt the European and American Standard (  PCI, ASTM and BSEN) into our  design, production and installation of our products and to provide our clients  the true internationally accepted standard of products and  services.

Other than supplying the one step service for  the design, supply and installation of our products, New Stone  also provide our consultation services for the large scale project development  to the owners and developers including technical requirement, standard of  products, cost estimation, analysis of manufacturers, quality control etc.  Furthermore, we also provide our consultation services to the local industries  including sample making, technical support,  design, planning, business arrangement and  project management for any scale of overseas  projects.

New Stone concentrating in  development and management in the business, we will try our utmost effort to  achieve the highest quality of products, with the environmental friendly  process, we will meet the highest demand of our customers, and to show you the  beauty of the construction with the most professional and sophisticated details  of our products.