GFRC(Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete,also named GRC for short),Is New Stone flagship product, it is high strength cement and silica sand as base material, resistance to alkaline glass fiber as reinforcing material of composite materials, at the same time also includes all kinds of used to enhance the performance of additive, and pigment, etc.
As an industry international standard supporters and loyal supporter, we standing proudly age billowing indispensable, adhere to the high-quality goods thriving enterprise road. We used materials are from noble, all through the authorities detection and accords with the international standard. We refuse to hold quality, refused to vicious competition and shoddy, our materials are in line with European standards BSEN and American standard ASTM requirements, true gold fears not the fire, we are willing to use open attitude, and accept the supervision of the customers and detection.
According to the international
GRCA and the United States PCI regulation, before starting the project all of its raw materials need to be qualified to judge the production. The ingredients before production is an important prelude production process, design of mix proportion depends on the strength requirement, the surface texture, density, fire resistance rating and other material performance. Should keep the actual mix records, guarantee curing product performance and to meet the requirements of the correlation.
Mix to be left to producers processing, in the specified environment and has available material circumstances, to achieve appropriate workability, performance characteristics and surface decoration. According to the design parameters of the physical properties and change, large-scale production must be established before the mix proportion and all performance testing are established.
New Stone company mixing equipment and injection device introduce British POWER - SPRAYS company. GFRC production is mainly to adopt injection molding process, through the mixer, slurry pump and gun to complete. Operation process is the continuous spray gun roving glass fiber cutting into short fiber (general length is 28 ~ 32 mm), then the glass fiber and cement mortar with jet to die, and then hand laminated compaction, complete remanufacturing stiffening beam position and install a embedded.
The thickness of the product injection control box degree of uniformity in relation to the quality of the products and the cost control, and compaction process, ensure that the products of dense performance. The company has more than ten years working experience product technician, so that the quality of the products have strong safeguard. After production, will carry on the 12 hours of curing, for the product ratio has emulsion ingredients, can in the mixture after curing form a layer of thin layer, keep moisture make cement continue to hardening, to the dry curing performance. Products from the mold after curing transferred to repair area, repairing need experienced technicians rigorous formulation and delicate operation, let the surface looks without blemish, achieve complete effect, and then on the surface of the finished product waterproof treatment, making the products have consecrated themselves function.

GFRC Standards 

Test Item
American Standards
EU Standards
Material test and product tolerance

Design specifications, and standards
GRCA-Design Guidelines of GRC
The slump test
BSEN 1170-1:1998
The wash out test
ASTM C1228-96/1229-94
Fiber content test with spray
Bending test
ASTM C1228-96
ASTM C947-03
Dry density and water absorption test
ASTM C948-81
BSEN 1170-6:1998
Cast-in pull-out test
ASTM C1230-96

Ultimate value of dimension variation affected by moisture

GFRC Physical Properties